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Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Frequently asked questions

I'm in sales. Is Forge a CRM platform?

Both yes and no:

  • Yes: Forge’s purpose is to help you develop better professional relationships. We believe there’s no purer form of ‘Customer Relationship Management’ (CRM) than Forge, which is explicitly designed to help you build and manage personal relationships with your customers.

  • No: When many people hear the term “CRM” they think of platforms which we believe are more focused on sales activity reporting: e.g., focus on sales funnels, opportunity tracking, sales rep productivity tracking, etc. Forge doesn’t currently have those features, although we may add those and/or integrations in the future depending on client demand.


Either way, the key purpose of Forge is to help you develop better human relationships to grow your business and strengthen your network, which will make your CRM entries look very good!

I’d love to manage all my business through Forge. Why don’t you have an integration with…

We hear you! Our team is hard at work integrating Forge with all your favorite services. Please send your requests via email and keep an eye out for updates.

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