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Forge® puts the ‘R’ in CRM.

Meet the only CRM plug-in that enables and coaches genuine relationship development.

If client relationships drive your business, then you need Forge®

Forge guides reps to build client relationships and then captures the deep relationship data you need to manage your pipeline.


Director of Infrastructure Sales

"Forge was the key factor that allowed me to close our company’s biggest-ever deal. There’s no other way I would’ve been able to build trust with 20 new decision makers and key influencers in the time available. Forge is essential for getting big deals done."



Forge is a mindset coach; it ensures I practice the right behaviors when it comes to building relationships with my clients and network. By listening to my clients and recalling what’s important to them at the right time, I’m able to connect more deeply than I was doing so before.”


Senior Director of Sales

“It’s the 21st-century equivalent of writing things down… Forge consolidates what I need to know to push a sales relationship forward, and reminds me to take appropriate steps to do it.” 


Global TelCo VP

"Relationships are the foundation for doing business, and Forge enables relationships by remembering and preparing you with the important details of the people you meet with. I highly recommend using Forge every day.”


Founder & CEO

“I’m using Forge for a huge meeting that I have on Wednesday with a general – it’s been extremely helpful for me. I absolutely love it... it’s such an amazing product!”



“I want my clients to feel like I don’t work with anybody else, and Forge gives me ways to connect on a deeper level with them. I find  communication is so easy, but now thanks to Forge I’m listening a little bit deeper than I was... this app means a lot to me because it is who I am, and it’s easy to work with something when it works well with me.”


Senior Director of Sales

Forge is the best mobile CRM experience I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen them all. It understands what’s actually important in sales conversations.” 

Forge® + CRM = people + data.

Relationships drive revenue. Forge® integrates with your existing CRM platform to add valuable client relationship insights to standard transaction data.

Make better deal and proposal decisions when you can instantly map every person involved.

Understand pipeline quality at a deeper level with Forge® Relationship Warmth scoring.

Forge® coaches and enables the behaviors that build relationships.

Forge® makes it easy for reps to learn and implement a simple but powerful 3-step process for rapid relationship development: Research, Listen, and Recall.

Hallucination-free AI briefings synced to reps’ calendars


Impress every new client by learning their background

Automatically converts simple email addresses found in calendar invites and contact records into rich AI-summarized personal profiles for fast reading. Discovers noteworthy personal nuggets that flatter customers, such as the languages they speak, countries they’ve lived in, and where they volunteer their time. Pushes smart briefings to reps before meetings so they’re always prepared.

AI coach teaches active listening and sales process


Leverage psychology to make clients instantly like you

Provides meeting scripts that get clients talking about what you need them to: themselves and their business problems. Trains reps in the most powerful relationship development technique known to science: active listening. Provides fast logging of the key client insights reps hear, in literally any client setting: restaurants, conferences, golf courses, and sporting events, as well as on Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.

Reps develop rapport and trust with well-timed prompts


Make every client feel like they’re your only client

Summarizes both public data as well as personal and family details privately shared by clients. Curates latest trending news to create relevant outreach opportunities and meeting icebreakers so reps look thoughtful (while also avoiding first-minute meeting awkwardness). Creates alerts and custom messages for logged customer milestones like clients’ birthdays, kids’ graduations, relatives’ surgeries, pets’ adoption dates, and any other noteworthy event.

The most powerful relationship development platform, hands down. 

Forge® is packed with features that make reps massively more productive while building genuine, trust-based relationships.

Master the science of relationship development.

Forge teaches you the secrets of expert salespeople, including how to quickly become your clients’ trusted advisor and first call.

Never forget their kid’s names again.

Forge makes logging clients’ personal details a breeze so you’re never again stuck scrolling their Facebook posts right before a meeting.

Be the first to reach out, or just reset your outreach clock.

Forge matches trending news to clients’ interests to create easy outreach opportunities that feel like natural conversation.

Be the first to celebrate!

Forge identifies key milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and more, then preps you with timely, personalized notes up to 2 weeks in advance.

Just one harmonized tool for both people and deal data.

Forge easily integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce (and more CRM platforms coming soon).

All your calendars and relationships in one place.

Forge integrates with Outlook, Gmail, and iCal calendars so you can stay on top of all of your relationships with ease.

Always with you wherever and whenever you need it.

Forge supports you where your clients are – restaurants, job sites, golf courses, conference rooms, and corporate boxes, as well as on Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams calls from your iPhone or desktop.

Don’t waste time jumping from app to app.

Forge provides fast one-tap pre-populated connections to phone, text, email, CRM, LinkedIn, map navigation, and more. 

Map your team members to individual clients with confidence.

Forge makes it easy to collaboratively map deal roles and drive accountability across your deal team. 

Strong interpersonal relationships increase sales by 100% or more. 

“88% of customers only buy when they trust the salesperson.

“86% of sales reps report the increased importance of long-term customer relationships.”

“Understanding prospects’ pain, establishing trust, and building relationships are paramount to closing deals."

It’s not complicated: buyers want to work with sellers they trust, and trust only starts when buyers believe your reps see them as real people, not paychecks.

For example, check out how win probabilities jump as relationship strength grows:

Make reps successful and keep them longer by giving them the perfect tool to do their most important and favorite job.

Sales is hard, but it does have its perks. According to HubSpot, 82% of reps say that relationship building is both their most important job and the most enjoyable part of their job. Forge® excels at this critical mission, creating wins for clients, wins for your reps, and wins for you.

of reps say building relationships and connecting with people is the most important part of selling.

of reps say building relationships and connecting with people is the most enjoyable part of their job.

100% safe and secure for even the most sensitive deals.

Rest easy knowing our best-practice security measures are guarding your data 24/7.


Forge® employs best-in-class security measures, including encryption in rest and transit, validation of both user and device, and many other confidential safeguards. All data on Forge® is encrypted under the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, and each encryption key is itself encrypted with a regularly rotated set of master keys. To protect your data as it travels over the Internet during read and write operations, we use Transport Layer Security (TLS). 


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Get up and running in just minutes.

Unlike a typical CRM platform, Forge is ready out of the box – no consultants or committees required. Fast and simple to integrate, Forge® plugs into your CRM and calendar platforms in just minutes. Works with Outlook, Gcal, iCal, iOS, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Why wait? Put more ‘R’ in your CRM today!

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