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You were hearing but not listening. It was taking a long time to get important details. You were on auto-pilot.


Your clients feel like they're your only customer. 

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Elite salespeople love Forge.

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.
Helping relationship-driven professionals do their jobs better. 

Build positive habits and naturally do the right things for your relationships.

More business closed.

Create more human connections with the same bandwidth.

Don’t just hear your clients, listen to them.

Even top sales professionals report learning from Forge’s coaching. We’ll suggest questions to ask to build trust and authenticity, but we do it in a way that will enhance your reputation. It’s not an art, it’s a science. 

Have a genuine reason to touch base.

Stop wasting time scrolling through irrelevant news articles and sites. 

Our AI-driven news engine serves you relevant news, from credible sources, providing you with a reason to connect. 

Do what you say you will.

Just in time reminders help ensure you always honor a commitment. 

More appointments kept: retrieve info from your last conversation to show you truly are engaged. Simple. 

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