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New Contact Identification

New Contact Identification

John & The Forge Product Team

Coming Up

Learn more about our New Contact Identification here, where we plan to help users find new contacts quickly.

We are on the cusp of unveiling a remarkable feature across all platforms, the New Contact Identification, as highlighted in our product roadmap. This feature is poised to revolutionize how professionals discover and initiate meaningful connections within their industry. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, our B2B SaaS product meticulously scans a plethora of data points to suggest new contacts that align with your professional goals and interests. The upcoming feature not only broadens the horizon of networking opportunities but also provides a strategic edge in cultivating relationships that are instrumental for career advancement. As we inch closer to the release, we invite you to explore the details in our product roadmap, reflecting our unwavering commitment to drive innovation in professional relationship management. Through the New Contact Identification feature, we are redefining the essence of smart networking, ensuring our users are always a step ahead in their professional endeavors.

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