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Contact Warmth Indicators

Contact Warmth Indicators

John & The Forge Product Team

Coming Up

Learn more about our Contact Warmth Indicators here, where we plan to help users better understand relationship quality.

In the upcoming update, as showcased on our product roadmap, we are excited to introduce the Contact Warmth Indicators feature across all platforms. This innovative feature, rooted in both artificial intelligence and behavioral science, serves as a bridge to more meaningful professional interactions. It meticulously analyzes various touchpoints and interactions to provide a nuanced understanding of the relationship warmth with each contact in your network. As a user, you'll be able to gauge the strength and engagement level of your professional connections at a glance, enabling a more informed approach to networking and relationship nurturing. This feature exemplifies our relentless pursuit to harmonize technology with human-centric insights, furthering our mission to provide an intuitive platform that significantly contributes to career advancement by fostering deeper professional connections.

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