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John & The Forge Product Team

Coming Up

Learn more about our Communities here, where we plan to provide user-generated communities to users.

We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming introduction of the 'Communities' feature across all platforms, as detailed in our product roadmap. This addition marks a significant evolution of our B2B SaaS offering, further enabling professionals to connect, collaborate, and grow within specialized communities. With 'Communities', users can not only foster deeper relationships but also share knowledge and insights within a cohesive digital environment tailored to their professional interests and industry sectors. This feature is a testament to our continual endeavor to create a conducive ecosystem for meaningful interactions and career advancement. By embracing the 'Communities' feature, users are empowered to carve out their own niches of expertise, engage in enriching discussions, and broaden their professional horizons. Explore our product roadmap to delve into how the 'Communities' feature is set to redefine collaborative networking, underlining our vision to blend technology with human-centric engagement for substantial professional growth.

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