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You thought "networking" was scrolling LinkedIn and clicking 'like' as much as possible.


You're impressing people with your thoughtfulness and having genuine conversations like you've been friends for years.

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Networkers of any skill level create more genuine connections with Forge.

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.
Develop relationships with actionable guidance.

Access the coaching and expertise reserved for the top 1% of performers. 

Make others feel heard.

“I need a reason to keep in touch, but I don’t know what to send that doesn’t just come across like spam.”

Reach out with value using relevant news updates curated by our news engine and your learnings.

Your dedicated coach.

“I need to build relationships and grow my network... but where do I start?”

Our AI-powered coaching assistant shows you how to ask the right questions to develop trust. It’s not an art, it’s literally science. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

Do what you said you would.

Forge integrates with your existing platforms and data so nothing’s missed.


Follow through on your commitments with just-in-time reminders integrated with your calendar. Think of it like having a 24/7 assistant focused solely on building your relationships.

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Invest in a second brain dedicated to building your crucial relationships.

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